Virtual/Self Paced

Self Paced Virtual Program

This self-paced online course challenges students to look more deeply at their lives, motivations, and sense of purpose—all while offering practical, hands-on tools that increase resilience, confidence, and well-being. Each video-based lesson includes multiple online and offline exercises to enhance learning and five end-of-lesson quizzes to ensure comprehension.

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Your choice of 1 of 9 Personality, Strengths, Culture, or Productivity assessments.


16 Types

The 16 Types assessment is based on Carl Jung’s Theory of Psychological Types. The results are broken down into four categories: Extrovert or Introvert, Sensing or Intuitive, Feeling or Thinking, Judgment or Perception.


The DISC assessment measures how one responds to favorable and unfavorable environments. It is centered around behavioral tendencies and can be very easily applied in the work setting.


The Enneagram has been described as a GPS of wisdom and a tool for compassion. The Enneagram can improve interpersonal skills and communication and is also used as a personal growth tool to better understand yourself and others in your life.



The VIA assessment identifies 24 character strengths which are capacities or possibilities within us for thinking, feeling, and behaving in ways that can bring benefits to ourselves and others.


Culture Pulse

The Culture Pulse assessment measures values, norms, beliefs, and behavior, and demonstrates how culture controls the way employees behave among themselves as well as with people outside the organization.

Motivating Values

Motivating Values are the primary influences in a person’s life, which initiate and stimulate behavior. Some values are assigned great worth and are sought diligently. Others are not considered important and may be ignored or even disclaimed. Values are fundamental incentives to motivation.


Energy Rhythm

The Energy Rhythm Assessment is Cloverleaf’s assessment of people’s chronotype- what their energy patterns are like over the typical 9-5 workday, what types of tasks are easiest for them to excel at during certain times of day, and what the flow of a team might look like, day-to-day.

5 video-based lessons
Over 3.5 hours of course material
Worksheets and exercises
Personal discovery tool
TEAM Dashboard that houses your team's assessment data and visualizes it in a way that's easy to understand and leverage for the productivity of the team.